4 Common Home Hazards To Avoid During Winter

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4 Common Home Hazards To Avoid During Winter

Winter season comes with sleet, ice, and snow. In fact, both the inside and surroundings of your house are at risk of some winter hazards. The following are some common threats at home during the winter months. We’ve also included effective tips on how to prevent injuries and accidents.

Winter Mishaps

Winter and holidays go hand and hand. Putting up Christmas lights and decorations add to the festive feeling of the holidays. But, decorating the house and sprucing up the Christmas tree can cause fire or electrocution. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Turn off and unplug the lights in your holiday decoration before you go to sleep.
  • Place the Christmas tree far from any source of heat.
  • Buy only artificial tree that has been checked for safety, or get a natural, fresh one.
  • It is not safe to overload lights, and plug them on a single extension cord.
  • Never use lights with bare or damaged electrical wiring.


Roof Collapse

Flat rooftops accumulate ice and snow over the course of winter. The weight can cause the roof to give way. When your roof collapses due to winter, there is a high risk of property damage, personal injury, and even death due to falling debris. You can prevent this from occurring by having a roofing contractor check the condition of your roof, and perform the necessary repair or replacement before winter comes.


Fire in Chimney or Fireplace

Using the fireplace in your home during the winter is a high safety risk to everyone inside. You can prevent this kind of fire by following this tips:

  • Allow the ashes in the fireplace to cool down for a few days before disposing them of the ground.
  • Make use of a mesh or metal screen when you have fire in the fireplace.
  • Fireplace is not a safe place to hang any items such as Christmas ornaments.
  • Chimneys tend to accumulate creosote and other debris. It is better to set a chimney inspection every year.


Slipping/Falling on Ice

Ice causes a lot of accidental injuries during the winter. People slip and fall on icy walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. To avoid these accidents, de-ice the ice on your yard with crystals, kitty litter, or sand. You may also consider shoveling the area. Also, wear proper footwear that increases traction on icy ground.

Certain accidents usually occur during winter. As a homeowner, you can take some precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your family and guests in and around your home. Do not forget to review your homeowner’s insurance before winter sets in.

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