4 Of The Most Stolen Car Accessories

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4 Of The Most Stolen Car Accessories

It is no secret that one of the greatest fears for car owners is losing their car to theft.  We put effort in securing our vehicles.  We install security systems.  We make sure our cars are parked in safe places.  We take different measures to ensure our car’s safety.  However, car theft does not always mean losing the whole car.

The advantage of stealing car parts

An often overlooked danger is people stealing car parts.  There is less skill needed, it takes less time, and is a smaller operation.  It is also easier and quicker to sell the smaller items as compared to the whole car.  This makes anything in your car a risk to be lost.

Top Items Most Stolen

If it is easily taken or removed from your vehicle, it is the easiest target for theft.  Below is the list of items commonly stolen from cars.

Entertainment System

One of the most common upgrades many give their cars is an entertainment system upgrade.  Souped up speakers, audio and visual enhancements, LED screens, and other additions are prime targets.  These flashy add-ons are easy money for thieves as they are easy to sell.  There will always be a high demand for car entertainment systems.  Also, they are easily noticed or seen which makes your car prey for car predators.

Portable GPS

Portable GPS systems are easily removed from your vehicle.  It is a good idea to remove them and keep them away from sight when parked.  If they are held in place by arms with suction cups, these can leave a mark in your car.  This mark will let would be thieves know you are hiding a gadget inside.  Make sure these marks are cleaned out before leaving.

Mobile Phones and Other Gadgets

Any valuable items left in your car should be out of plain sight.  These include mobile phones, tablets, wallets, jewelry, or any items you may have with you.  This can easily invite perpetrators.  Breaking through the window, or forcing the door open are common means of entry.

Tires and Rims

This are easier stolen than it seems.  They may be bulky, but a small crew can easily steal your tire and rims.  These items can fetch a heavy price tag especially for custom or upgraded rims.  Make sure you leave your car in a well lit place.  You can also purchase special locks and lug-nut to help prevent this.

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