5 Factors You Should Know That Can Influence Your Auto Insurance Rate

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5 Factors You Should Know That Can Influence Your Auto Insurance Rate

The rates for your car insurance policy are a general indication of your what the insurance carriers thinks are your chances of making a claim. While you want the delinquent drivers to pay more than you do, there are some undeniable factors that affect your premiums. To give you an idea, here are some factors that influence your insurance quotes.


There are insurance companies out there that give discounts to homeowners who buy car insurance. It does not matter if you buy the same homeowners insurance to the same insurer. But, if you buy both homeowners and auto insurance policies to the same firm, you are given a price break, hence additional savings for you.

College Graduate?

More often than not, drivers who graduated from college have lesser amount to pay for their auto insurance. In other words, a driver with a bachelor’s degree will likely receive an average quote, while someone who does not complete his education will have 20% higher rate than the average price.


According to many insurance carriers, workers with certain jobs tend to file claims than other workers. It seems that insurance firms give higher quotes to individuals with lower-status employment. In California, the insurance rates for factory workers are 20% higher than the executive managers. One of their reasons for this is that insurers want people to purchase the best car policies and coverage.

Credit Record?

The status of your credit record greatly affects the price of your auto insurance. If you own a car but you have a poor credit score, you are likely to pay higher compared to a someone with a good credit history. In fact, a poor credit has a much negative impact than a driver with a DUI record.


Single drivers have a tendency to pay more and have fewer auto insurance claims compared to married people. This also applies to individuals whose spouse died. In a report about it in 2015, most insurance companies include a widow penalty for those who have lost a spouse. The insurers usually increase the rates of the insurance up to 20% for the affected people.

These are important factors that may apply when buying car insurance. It also pays to do some research to understand what you are getting yourself into. At Sameday Insurance, we offer flexible insurance policies that cater to your needs. You can get more information about our products and services by calling our agency at (888) 750-9775. Get your free quote today by CLICKING HERE.


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