6 Tips To Keep Your Car Paint Shining

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6 Tips To Keep Your Car Paint Shining

Congratulations on your new car paint! Now what?

What you need to do is dedicate some of your time every day to maintain your car. Provided below are  6 tips to help keep your car looking new and glossy all the time.

Use the Appropriate Wax


Note that there are products that can strip off the natural shine of a car due to their abrasive ingredients. Determine what type of paint was applied on your vehicle, as each paint has a different reaction to polish and wax solutions.


Repair Scratches as You See Them


As soon as you see scratches on your car, even minor ones, fix them immediately. You can mend small scratches by applying touch up paint and a rubbing solution afterward. If the scratches are exposing the metal underneath, the  repair process is a bit longer. Sand off the paint that surrounds the deep scratch, then put some primer, and paint the spot.


Rust-proof and Undercoat


An oxidized car metal can acquire rust over time. The car surface is also vulnerable to damage. The solution for this is rust-proofing and undercoating. Consider this tip especially if your area has high humidity.


Conditioner for Car Paint


One way to protect your car is to use car paint conditioner. Make sure that it is non-abrasive. Usually, paint conditioner for a car is applied in small amounts. For better results, read and follow the package instructions.


Clean Your Car


Washing your car is one of the ways to maintain its exteriors. Use shampoo to help get rid of dust and debris. If you opt for those commercial power houses, remember to keep a safe distance between the pressure jet and your car to avoid damaging the paint.


Apply Clay


Another effective way to keep the shine of your car paint is to use clay. Clean the surface of your vehicle with paint cleaner first. Make use of a soft terry cloth or correct applicator pad when applying clay on the exterior of your car. Using the right tool prevents scratching your car.


If you are not sure, check the internet for some tutorials and guides so you can do the job correctly.




These are useful ways to help keep your car paint looking glossy and new. As you take care of your car exterior, do not neglect buying auto insurance for that ultimate protection. This is because you want to maximize your time as you enjoy your car. At Sameday Insurance Services, Inc., we aim to provide comprehensive insurance policies that makes your life easier. You can get more information about our products and services by calling our agency at (888) 750-9775. Get your free quote today by CLICKING HERE.

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