7 Practical Features To Look For In Cars

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7 Practical Features To Look For In Cars

A car can be pretty to look at, but terrible to drive.  It can be fast and sleek, but uncomfortable.  Depending on how you will use your car, there are certain features you will favor over another.  For a typical family, function and features will be the top priority over looks.  Here are some of the most practical features a typical family will be looking for from your car.

Multiple Seating Options

Depends on the kind of travel you will have, families will require different configurations for seats.  There will be times you will need more seating than cargo space.  There will be times you will be hauling a lot and will need the cargo space.  Having folding seats and multiple rows makes transitions much easier.

Cabin Space

Some cars may intrude into your cabin space for aesthetic purposes.  The shape of the car, or putting the spare car within your cabin space reduces the area for passengers and cargo.  You want to make sure your car maximizes the cabin space for your comfort.

Third Row

You may have a third row of seats in your car, but it is so cramped not even children can sit in it.  Make sure the third row is comfortable enough for the people who will be sitting in it.

Latch Anchors

More latch anchors means more options on where to put your car seat.  Or it can also mean more car seats can be used.

Cargo Area

There will be times you will be hauling items.  From bags and coolers for a camping trip, or even groceries, it is important you have enough space for cargo.  

USB Ports

It can not be denied how connected we all are to our gadgets.  Everyone riding the car will most likely be carrying at least a mobile phone or tablet.  Especially for long trips, you don’t want your family fighting over who should charge their device first.

Fuel Efficiency

For me, this is probably the most important feature I am looking for. Owning a car is costly. Not only because of the car’s price, but also it’s maintenance. You will be paying for services, parts, and general maintenance activities. Oil changes, filter changes, brake pad changes, lights… and the list goes on. One of the ways you can lower the total cost is by having a fuel efficient car.

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