4 Of The Most Stolen Car Accessories

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4 Of The Most Stolen Car Accessories

It is no secret that one of the greatest fears for car owners is losing their car to theft.  We put effort in securing our vehicles.  We install security systems.  We make sure our cars are parked in safe places.  We take different measures to ensure our car’s safety.  However, car theft does not always mean losing the whole car.

How To Protect Your Home From Flood

Due to the change in climate, floods have been more frequent and worse.  The rising sea levels and stronger more frequent rains have all contributed to this.  Our homes are now more at risk for flood damage than ever before.  It is now more important than ever to prepare and prevent damage from floods.  

Car Insurance Costs For Different Cars

Car insurance premium is calculated based on a lot of things, such as how old you are, your driving record and where you live. The type of car that you own is one of the factors that can change premium payment significantly. Here are some characteristics of your car that the insurer will take into consideration when determining the premium.