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Auto Insurance Van Nuys: Ins and Outs of Auto Insurance

If you are in the market for auto insurance in Van Nuys, there are certain things you will need to supply to an insurance provider to secure the rates you want.

Liability Requirements

Whether you are a newer driver looking for auto insurance in Van Nuys or someone seeking a different provider, California law requires that you have a way of covering injuries or damages should you be at fault for an accident. There are liability insurance limits for the number of persons affected. $15,000 covers one person, $30,000 covers more than one person, and should there be any property damage, a minimum of $5,000 is a good amount.  

Other Forms of Coverage

In California, the minimum you have to carry is liability insurance, but it is smart to have other add-ons. Comprehensive coverage can protect you from damage that could happen to your car, like the result of an auto theft attempt. Collision coverage is important if another driver damages your car because of an accident. Things like auto body or windshield work would fall under this type of coverage. Even miscellaneous items such as rental car coverage or towing and labor coverage are useful.

Underinsured or Not Insured Drivers

According to the California Department of Insurance (CDI), a percentage of drivers will operate a vehicle without insurance or be vastly underinsured. Unique to this state, it is wise to obtain insurance for this specifically. If you were caught in an accident, this type of coverage can cover damages from these types of drivers. We offer this coverage when you need auto insurance in Van Nuys.

What You Need to Obtain Insurance

If you are seeking insurance, what you need to provide to a potential insurer is the following information about your car:

  • Model
  • Make
  • Year of production
  • Safety rating
  • Current rating

You will also need to give your full name and what your current policy’s expiration date is, and who else is insured in your household under the old policy. A caring insurance provider will also take into consideration past accidents or traffic violations, before providing a quote.

Sameday Insurance sells competitive auto insurance in Van Nuys and other products to give you freedom in your lifestyle. We are an independent insurance agency that represents many different providers — thus being able to provide affordable rates. Call our sales department toll free 1-888-750-9775 to inquire about our auto insurance in Van Nuys and other California cities.

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