6 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car to Stay Safe

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6 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car to Stay Safe

auto insurance Bell CAMany drivers keep absolutely nothing in the trunks of their cars, which can prove to be detrimental in certain circumstances. But having a certain arsenal of tools in your car can prove to be life-saving if you ever find yourself in a precarious position while out on the road.

Here are 6 essential items you should be carrying around with you in your vehicle at all times.

1. Spare Tire

You just never know when your tire will run over something and lose air rapidly, or even explode on a hot summer day. Rather than getting stuck on the side of the road for hours waiting for a tow truck to arrive, you can swap the tire yourself, as long as you’ve got a spare tire in good condition along with a tire jack and tire iron. Just make sure you learn how to change the tire on your own.

2. Jumper Cables

If the batteries in your car die, you won’t be able to start it. However, with a set of jumper cables handy, you can get a boost from a Good Samaritan. Get familiar with your specific engine in case things are a little different.

3. Blanket

If you’re ever stranded in the middle of nowhere on a dark cold night, a blanket can come in really handy. While you’re waiting for help to arrive, a blanket can mean the difference between life and hypothermia.

4. Flares

If you are in the middle of nowhere, sending out flares can help grab the attention of people far away. Once they notice them go off, they’ll be likely to check out where they’re coming from, and hopefully find you.

5. Car Repair Info

If you’ve got a membership to a car repair or tow Truck Company, have their info handy so you can call them right away if you are ever stranded.

6. Car Insurance Info

If you’re ever in an accident, having your auto insurance Bell CA readily available can move the insurance claim process along more quickly. Not only that, any police officers that come onto to site will want to see this paperwork.

Make sure you’re always prepared while driving on the road.

Do You Have the Right Car Insurance?

car insurance in Van NuysIf you’re like any other car owner, reading your car insurance policy is probably like reading a foreign language. It’s not only hard to understand, but aside from the basics, you probably don’t know any more about it than the next person. Short of sitting with your insurance agent for hours and trying to go through every aspect of your policy, you may find out that you don’t have the right car insurance.

How do you know if you have the right car insurance in Van Nuys? There are a few things you can ask and find out to ensure you’re not paying more than you should be.

What kinds of things go on where you live that could affect your car? Keep all of the variables in mind, including things that are completely out of your control, such as the weather or vandalism, theft, and more. More coverage is available aside from collision coverage.

Can you afford the insurance you are paying for? If you’re struggling to make ends meet regarding your insurance, remember that you shouldn’t be paying for coverage that you don’t need. Often times, you may want to get the best coverage possible, but if your car isn’t worth the coverage you’re buying, don’t pay more than you can afford.

Think about your insurance company and how they are going to handle your claim if you need to file one. For many people, it boils down to the insurance company you have and how they’re willing to help you with your policy. Dealing with a poorly rated insurance company is going to make you wonder whether or not you have the right policy, so be sure to only work with high-quality agencies.

It’s more important to know and understand who you’re working with, rather than try and save a few bucks with someone you’re unfamiliar with.

Understanding Your Car Insurance Policy

auto insurance Bell, CAIt’s impossible to own a car in most states without having car insurance. While it’s a necessity that you must invest in before buying a car, you may still be confused after the insurance policy is purchased. The truth is, many people don’t even know anything more about their policies than the fact that they need to have one to be able to drive.

Looking for auto insurance in Bell, CA is the easy part, but before you sign up with an insurance company, tries to put forth a little effort in understanding what it is that your policy covers.

Your Declarations

The declarations in your policy are what will ensure that you are truly protected by your policy. Since these are unique in every policy, you have to make sure that your policy is accurate so that if you need to file a claim, you can. This portion of the policy explains a basic synopsis of what your insurance covers and ensures that your information is correct.

Check the Extras

Many policies are different from state to state because the things that need to be covered can vary so much. For example, in states that are no-fault, you may not be covered for specific accidents, so it’s important that you speak to your lender about these extras. Your policy may also cover things such as roadside assistance, so don’t hesitate to ask your insurance agent.

Exclusions and Conditions

If you can’t name any of the exclusions in your policy, then you may need to review it again. All insurance policies contain some exclusion of things that are not covered, which is crucial for you to know. Any legal responsibilities that you and the company have are also listed under the conditions, so make sure you know the procedures for any disagreements or payment obligations.

The Advantage of a Multi-Provider Insurance Company

Auto Insurance Bell CA | SamedayInsurance.comWhen it comes to finding auto insurance in Bell, CA, you are better off at going with a company that has access to many different providers. The reason being is if you go with an auto insurance company that only has their own policies, you are going to end up paying a lot more out of pocket on your premiums and deductible.

Now, it is recommended that you always shop around when you are looking for auto insurance because you are going to be able to find better deals that way. By comparing rates, premiums and deductible options, you can find the right plan for your vehicle. However, not everyone has the time to amass the comparison information between auto insurance options.

If this is the case for you and you are a California motorist, checking out Sameday Insurance Services may be a good choice and here is why:

  • They represent multiple providers
  • They are a full service property and casualty independent insurance agency
  • They are able to work with those who have unique needs
  • They provide customers with the ability to control their choices rather than feel forced into a policy or product
  • They build lifelong relationships through personalized customer service
  • Different levels of coverage and types are provided
  • You can make payments online
  • You can get a quote online and even buy your policy online
  • You can digitally sign your insurance policy online
  • They are professional and courteous

However, the largest advantage to going with a multi-provider insurance company is the fact that they are quick at finding you the best rate based on your needs. This means you won’t have to wait weeks to see if you get approved or spend weeks trying to find the cheapest solution for your vehicle.

So whether you are looking for auto insurance in Bell, CA, for multi-car or a multi-policy, you are sure to find it with Sameday Insurance Services. Plus, even if you don’t have the cleanest record, they can still find you really good deals at affordable prices within a short period of time. No shopping around required! 

Our New Branch in Santa Ana, CA

When you are looking for the best deals on same day auto insurance in California, look no further than Sameday Insurance! Our business is dedicated to making sure people throughout the state have access to the best options available. We have a wide array of offices that you can visit, including locations in Downey, Van Nuys, Anaheim, and Bell. To better serve you, we have just opened a new branch in Santa Ana!

When you come to our location in Santa Ana, you can rest assured that our team is working hard to provide you with great auto and home insurance options that fit your budget. Unlike other insurance companies, our business works with a variety of providers that are fighting for your business. This means that you’ll be able to pick the right insurance for you and your family. We will speak to you about your insurance needs and work hard to make sure that you have the precise insurance you need.

Our new Santa Ana office is located at 715 N Harbor Blvd in Suite 107. You can call us today at (714) 399-0852 to speak directly to someone in our office.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our insurance services.