Choosing The Right Coverage For Windshield Damage

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Choosing The Right Coverage For Windshield Damage

Do you consider yourself to be a careful driver? If yes, then we’re glad to hear that. But, it does not mean you and your car is spared from accidents, especially things like windshield damage. Anything can shatter or crack your windshield. A rock can drop from a loaded truck, a vehicle in front of you can send some gravel your way, or a kid can be careless and accidentally throw a rock on your car.

Your car insurance can help you if a rock cracks or shatters your windshield. The cost of the replacement or repair may be covered by full glass or comprehensive coverage. If the windshield receives a minor damage, decide if repair or replacement is the better option.

Replace or Repair

In general, replacing a broken windshield is more expensive than having it fixed. Repair should be done at the earliest possible time to prevent further damage.  A consultation with a windshield expert can help you decide of a good solution. But, the general rule is, if a crack is small, go for the repair route.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage may not only help you with your damaged windshield, but also provide protection against theft, fire, hail, falling objects, and other risks that are not related to collision.

Full Glass Coverage

It is an optional coverage, in which you may need to spend out-of-pocket for your windshield repair. Not all states offer full glass coverage, so find out if it is available in your state.

When Do I Pay Out-of-pocket?

Out-of-pocket (or commonly referred to as deductible) is the money you spend for the repair or replacement of your damaged windshield before the auto insurance takes effect. But, it depends on your state and your policy if you need to pay out-of-pocket first. Remember that your policy usually give payment to a claim with the amount that goes beyond the pit-of-pocket.

The following are some cases, wherein there may be no need for a deductible:

  • If the state mandates that insurance companies should not use a deductible on the repair or replacement of windshield damages.
  • If you have glass repair agreement in your comprehensive coverage. It means you will not replace your windshield, but only choose to fix it.
  • If you have bought full glass coverage. Again, only if it is available in your state.

While you cannot avoid all damages on your windshield, you can protect yourself by getting the right coverage for your car. At Sameday Insurance, we take pride in making sure that our clients are well-protected at prices they can afford. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our agency at  (888) 750-9775 or Click Here to request a free quote.


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