Defensive Driving 101

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Defensive Driving 101

Are you a defensive driver?  Let’s put it to a test.  The following are a set of questions to determine if you are a defensive driver.  Take note of your answers and let’s analyze if you are indeed a defensive driver.

Your Driving Skills

These questions determine your ability to follow traffic rules accordingly. It’s important because it also determines the chances of you getting into an accident.

  • Do you signal before you switch lanes?
  • Do you ensure there is the correct amount of space before you change direction?
  • Do you slow down when the traffic light turns yellow?
  • Do you stop on a red light even if there are no cars?
  • Do you avoid sticking closely to the car in front of you?

Your Driving History

Although you might have gotten home safely after doing these things, there is a high chance that doing it next time will result to an accident. It’s important to identify your driving history to know if you are safe on the road.

  • Did you ever speed?
  • Have you ever driven when sleepy or tired?
  • Have you ever driven after a few drinks?
  • Have you ever reversed on the freeway if you missed an exit?

Note: If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions in the first set, congratulations that is right.  As for the second set, you are on the right track if you answered a ‘no’ to all.  So the next question is, what is defensive driving?  Let’s define what it means.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is a manner of driving where in you put safety first.  Your actions ensure your safety, the safety of the people around you, and the safety of your vehicle.  You do not take chances when on the road.  You know the traffic rules and always abide by them.  This is true even during the times it seems you are the only one on the road. 

What is the advantage of driving defensively?

Being a defensive driver, you are the foundation of road safety.  You are protecting the health and well being of your passengers and everyone on the road.  

If this isn’t enough incentive for you, then there is one more thing.  It can save you money.  Yes you heard that right, being a defensive driver saves you money.  Not only does it prevent road accidents that can be expensive, it also makes you save from auto insurance.  

If you have an unblemished record, then you will be eligible for a “good driver’s discount”.  This discount can be as much as  45% off of your premium.  You can only avail of this discount if you have a clear record.  No matter how minor the violation or incident, this removes your eligibility for a discount.  However, even if you no longer have that clean record, there is still hope.  Keep it clean again for around 3 years and you can be eligible for a “good driver’s discount” again.

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