How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

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How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

cheap California car insurance quotesHaving car insurance is an absolute must, but the premiums that need to be paid for it can often be extremely high. While insurance costs aren’t expected to go down any time in the near future, there are things you can do to lower your premiums.

Insure Multiple Cars and/or Drivers

Putting more than one driver or vehicle on your car insurance policy can help you get a break on your premiums. These are commonly known as “bulk rates,” and they can work out to be cheaper per vehicle or per driver compared to issuing only one car or person. If there are multiple drivers and vehicles in your household, you’d be well advised to have them all insured under the same policy to get cheap California car insurance quotes.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

The more spotless your driving record is, the more likely you will be charged less on your car insurance premiums. The more accidents or traffic violations you have on your record, the higher your premiums will likely be. So do what you can to make sure that your driving record is as clean as possible.

Take a Driving Course

The more you can do to boost your knowledge and expertise about how to be an effective defensive driver, the better. Insurance premiums tend to be lower for drivers who can provide a certificate from a driving school proving that a defensive driving course has been taken and passed.

Install an Anti-Theft Device

The more you can secure your vehicle against theft or damage, the lower your premium will likely be. Installing a car alarm system can help deter thieves which will inevitably help lessen the risk of your car being stolen, and therefore a claim being put forth. The cost of an anti-theft device will be more than made up through the savings on your monthly premiums.

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