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New Car Safety Features

car insurance in AnaheimThere have been many improvements to cars over the years, especially in the area of safety. Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for certain safety features so keep that in mind when buying a new car or shopping for car insurance in Anaheim. Here are some recent safety features:

Adaptive cruise control: This monitors traffic patterns to adjust the speed of the car. The driver picks the speed and the amount of room to leave behind the vehicle in front.

Alertness monitoring: This system will detect erratic driving and then makes a warning sound along with flashing lights. It has a camera that monitors your eye movement to see if you are paying attention and some systems monitor eyelid movement, to see if you are getting sleepy.

Automatic Parking: Cameras and radar are used to position your car into a parking spot. Some systems help with angle parking as well.

Backup camera: This shows a current feed of the area behind the car. It comes on automatically when you put the car in reverse.

Blind-spot warning: This has a light on the side view mirrors that warns you of a vehicle in your blind-spot. Some systems make a warning sound if you start to move or turn on your blinkers and others have a camera showing your blind-spot. Advanced systems slow the car or return it to the center of the lane.

Electronic stability control: This keeps the car from losing traction during slippery conditions. It applies brakes to all wheels independently to help you stay in control.

Forward collision warning: Sensors give a visual and/or audible warning if a collision is imminent.

Lane departure warning: This alerts you with an audible warning, visual alert and/or vibration of the steering wheel or seat if you start to drift.

Lane-keeping assist: Automatically steers the car back into the center of the lane.

Pedestrian detection: Some systems issue a warning, either visual or auditory, and some will brake automatically if someone is in your path.

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