Questions to Ask Before You Get Car Insurance – Part 1

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Questions to Ask Before You Get Car Insurance – Part 1

Car Insurance Anaheim | SamedayInsurance.comIf you’ve ever searched for a new auto insurance policy, you know how stressful it can be! The team at Sameday Insurance has put together a list of questions you should consider before getting a new policy:

  • What Insurance is Required? – Whether you are coming to one of our many locations or just looking for a new policy, there is typically some kind of minimal insurance you must have before driving. Your agent should be able to provide you with this information, as well as make necessary recommendations for any additional coverage you may need.
  • Who Does My Policy Cover? – If you lend your car to someone, are they going to be responsible if they get into an accident or will your policy cover everything? This is important information you need to know. This is a very important question that parents of teenagers who are learning to drive should ask.
  • How Much is My Deductible? – Many drivers don’t have to worry about a deductible because they are not getting into accidents, but the reality of the situation is that it can happen to anyone! Instead of being surprised with a high deductible, ask that important question before you sign the contract for your coverage.

Make a smart investment and come to our business when you are seeking car insurance in Anaheim and other cities throughout the great state of California.

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