How to Save Money on Car Insurance for Your Teen in California

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How to Save Money on Car Insurance for Your Teen in California

Letting your teenager drive on her own is a part of letting go, and a way to help your child become a more independent adult. Plus, it’s more convenient for the family when your teen has places to be — a part-time job, an after-school activity, or a friend’s house — and you don’t have the time to be their chauffeur. However, you can’t stop thinking about how teens are far more likely to get into accidents on the road than adults, and California has some difficult traffic for your teen to navigate, so insurance rates can prove expensive. Find the right car insurance for an affordable price and you’ll feel better about it.

Get a Free, Fair Quote

Be sure to comparison shop for California car insurance quotes. Only bother with companies that offer free quotes; if you have to pay for an agent to shop around for you, whatever you save in premiums will be negated by what you spend on the agent’s fee. At SameDay Insurance, we don’t represent just one insurance provider — we represent many. That way, we can offer you the truly best deal and not push any one insurance offer over another.

Encourage Good Grades

Teens who do well in school are statistically more likely to be responsible on the road, so some insurance companies offer discounts for good grades. Present your teen’s report card every six months to renew the lower rate.

Ask About Teen Smart Driving Discounts

A number of insurance providers offer special programs for teens in particular. After completing a written exam, watching a video or filling out a questionnaire, teens may qualify for an additional smart driving discount so long as they go without an accident.

The right insurance will make it so that an accident — either caused by your teen or by another driver — doesn’t cost you more than you can afford. However, it’s still important that you promote safe and defensive driving with your teens. Encourage your kids to turn off their phones before they get behind the wheel, and do the same to lead by example.

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