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Stolen Car Accidents – Auto Insurance in Santa Ana

As we’ve mentioned before, cars are stolen all the time. Many people have had their vehicle stolen in California and throughout the United States, but few of us have been faced with the reality of what happens when you get into accident with a stolen vehicle. Sameday Insurance, your source for auto insurance in Santa Ana, understands that this is an unnerving possibility and wants you to be prepared for the realities that follow.

Most people who have had damage caused to their cars ask: “Who is liable for the damage?” The sad reality of the situation is that you, the individual whose car was hit, is liable for the damage. Because the owner did not authorize the use of the stolen vehicle, their coverage would not apply to the damage caused. That said, you are not totally out of luck. There are coverage options available to you, including great auto insurance in Santa Ana from our business.

The most important coverage to have in these situations is comprehensive and collision coverage. The comprehensive side of this coverage only covers non-vehicle accidents, such as weather related issues, or theft. The part that would take care of your accident is the collision aspect. With this insurance, it doesn’t matter who is at fault – your vehicle is protected. The only downside is that collision coverage usually comes with a deductible. This is a small price to pay to have the peace of mind that your vehicle is protected when you get into an accident with a stolen vehicle. You can talk to one of our team members to learn more about getting the best deal on this auto insurance in Santa Ana, as well as other cities throughout California.

Whether you want to update your current coverage or are interested in new auto insurance in Santa Ana, Sameday Insurance is here to help you. Not only do we offer auto insurance in Santa Ana, we also serve people in Bell, Downey, Van Nuys, and a variety of other areas throughout California. Contact us today to learn more about the auto insurance options that are available for you!

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