Understanding Your Car Insurance Policy

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Understanding Your Car Insurance Policy

auto insurance Bell, CAIt’s impossible to own a car in most states without having car insurance. While it’s a necessity that you must invest in before buying a car, you may still be confused after the insurance policy is purchased. The truth is, many people don’t even know anything more about their policies than the fact that they need to have one to be able to drive.

Looking for auto insurance in Bell, CA is the easy part, but before you sign up with an insurance company, tries to put forth a little effort in understanding what it is that your policy covers.

Your Declarations

The declarations in your policy are what will ensure that you are truly protected by your policy. Since these are unique in every policy, you have to make sure that your policy is accurate so that if you need to file a claim, you can. This portion of the policy explains a basic synopsis of what your insurance covers and ensures that your information is correct.

Check the Extras

Many policies are different from state to state because the things that need to be covered can vary so much. For example, in states that are no-fault, you may not be covered for specific accidents, so it’s important that you speak to your lender about these extras. Your policy may also cover things such as roadside assistance, so don’t hesitate to ask your insurance agent.

Exclusions and Conditions

If you can’t name any of the exclusions in your policy, then you may need to review it again. All insurance policies contain some exclusion of things that are not covered, which is crucial for you to know. Any legal responsibilities that you and the company have are also listed under the conditions, so make sure you know the procedures for any disagreements or payment obligations.