What Makes Mercury Insurance Different?

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What Makes Mercury Insurance Different?

Mercury Insurance California | SamedayInsurance.comWhen it comes to you, your family, or your livelihood, when you know you are protected, you can enjoy more of what makes you happy! We strive to provide a peace of mind with our comprehensive Mercury Insurance in California. We understand our clients are all unique and have different needs, which is why we create unique coverage bundles with Mercury Insurance to ensure security and satisfaction.

There are 3 unique aspects that separate Mercury Insurance apart from the rest:

  • They build lasting relationships with our customers because loyalty and satisfaction is our number one priority. We know reliable insurance is sought after and we want our customers to see the true value that we provide for every client.
  • They provide high quality service at the lowest price because safety and security should be accessible to everyone. We believe when it comes to your family, home, car, or business, your safety and assets should be protected to the fullest.
  • They provide our clients with coverage that fits all of their unique needs. Our various insurance bundles allow the power to be in your hands and provide a larger sense of flexibility in the market.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable team members understand your security is the most important. Contact us today to learn more about our Mercury Insurance coverage and policy options.

Moving to California and Car Insurance

Mercury Insurance California | SamedayInsurance.comAre you moving to California? Getting everything together before you leave your previous location is vital to a seamless move. Car insurance is just a single part of the equation.

As you are taking care of the many things you have to take care of before you move, you should make sure that you have properly insured your vehicle. This means that you may need to get a new insurance policy or update your current policy. You can find the insurance minimums online at the California DMV Website. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to easily get a new license and sort out anything else you may need to deal with over at the DMV. When you arrive at the DMV, you’ll need to bring proof of insurance in person when you first register your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you have had the car for years or are buying the vehicle when you arrive, you need that proof.

When you are in the market for new car insurance, you can trust the talented team at Sameday Insurance to assist you. Our team is proud to provide you with Mercury Insurance in California, as well as options from a variety of other providers. Give us a call at (888) 750-9775 to speak with a staff member or just come on down to one of our many offices! 

Circumstances That May Affect Your Insurance Rates

Mercury Insurance California | SamedayInsurance.comAre you working hard to get affordable in California? There are a variety of issues that may affect how much you pay for your auto coverage. Take a look at some of these circumstances:

  • Credit History – Believe it or not, statistic show people who have better credit are less likely to get into an accident than people who have good credit. Working to improve your credit means seeing improvements in a variety of ways, including your insurance rates.
  • Driving History – Have you been in a lot of accidents or received multiple speeding tickets? This is the biggest reason why people have higher auto insurance. If you are interested in getting lower car insurance rates, you can start obeying the speed limits and staying focused while you are out on the road!
  • Vehicle and Usage – Do you own a fast car or travel a lot? The reality here is that people who spend more time on the road are more likely to get into an accident. Insurance companies often see that as an issue and will charge higher rates.

When you are seeking the best auto insurance options available, you can rest assured that the team at Sameday Insurance is there to assist you. We offer insurance from a wide array of companies, including Mercury Insurance in California.

What to Do When Your Car is Stolen

Mercury Insurance California | SamedayInsurance.comIt’s happened to many people – you wake up, get ready for work, and go outside only to discover that your car isn’t there! Cars are stolen every day and it’s important to not freak out. Here are the steps you should take when you are dealing with this shocking event:

  • Call the Police – It may seem like a no brainer, but it’s important that you call the police and let them know that your car is stolen. They will do their best to determine what happened and you will provide you with documentation showing that your car is missing.
  • Call Your Insurance Company – Making sure that you alert your insurance company is aware of the situation is the next step. They will be able to tell you about what happens next, such as what kind of money you may get for the vehicle. Some plans come with coverage for the value of the vehicle while others offer complete replacement protection.
  • Wait for the News – You may or may not get your car back, but your insurance company should be helping you in the meantime. In California, as many as 60% of the cars stolen are found and returned to the owners.

Rest assured that you have the right insurance for any situation when you come to Sameday Insurance. Our business provides Mercury Insurance in California, as well as a variety of other options from top insurance companies in the country.