Tips For Choosing a Car Insurance Deductible

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Tips For Choosing a Car Insurance Deductible

Car insurance is one of those necessary bills to pay, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take measures to reduce its cost. While there are a few ways to reduce your monthly premium, one of the fastest ways to do it is to increase your insurance deductible. But this can be a tricky insurance Van Nuys

Before you choose your deductible, you should think about exactly how much you can save on your insurance rates and whether or not you are financially prepared to part with your money if a claim needs to be made.

Here are some tips to help you choose your deductible.

Choose a Deductible You Can Live With

Regardless of what you can actually financially afford, you should choose a deductible that you are physiologically and emotionally prepared to live with. Some people may choose a higher deductible to lower their premiums, but then find it tough to part with their cash once a claim is made and a deductible needs to be paid.

Using a high deductible to save money on premiums is best if you’re a clean driver with a reduced chance of having to make a claim in the near future. Of course, anything can happen, but it’s a chance you must be willing to take.

Do the Math on Your Deductible

On a car insurance Van Nuys policy, you’re not always going to save much on premiums with a higher deductible. If your car insurance premiums are high, you should first think about increasing the deductible on collision coverage. By taking control over your driving habits, you can effectively lower the odds of an accident. As opposed to a high deductible for comprehensive coverage that pays for damage from theft and disasters, accidents are simpler to avoid through your own actions.

How much you are able to save with a more expensive collision deductible will depend on factors such as your age. Older drivers with a clean driving record might save between $20 to $30 a year on premiums by increasing the deductible while younger drivers may be able to save as much as $250 to $300.

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