Useful Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglary

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Useful Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglary

Among the worst things that families consider is home burglary. Whether you are inside or outside your house when it happens, the loss of some of your precious belongings is still a nightmare.

In your case, is your home ready for the prevention of burglary? Have you talked about it among your family members? Now is the time to secure your valuables and protect your house from would-be criminals


The following are some tips to decrease the chance of it from happening to your home and family:


Home Alarm


Remember that a home alarm system that is not set will be useless to you in the event of a burglary. While your alarm may not stop the intruders, the loud noise that the system creates will buy you time to call the police.


The home alarm can also act as a deterrent especially if you post some visible signs that come with the alarm. Those criminals who are looking for their next victim may change their mind and look for an easier target.


Install Deterrence


  • Make sure your doors are made of metal or solid wood.
  • Use high quality locks and deadbolts.
  • Install anti-slide or anti-lift system in all your sliding windows and doors.
  • Add a glass security film on your accessible windows.
  • Opt for steel screws on your exit door hinges.
  • For your patio glass door and those that slide horizontally, insert a solid wooden dowel or metal rod.


Implement Safety and Security Plan


  • Create a plan and put it in writing. Review and explain it to the entire family.
  • List and add emergency numbers.
  • Add an escape plan and route
  • Preferably, research certain scenarios with your family.


Call 911


There have been numerous instances, wherein calling 911 saved the day. In fact, if it is dangerous

to speak, you do not have to do so, as the operator can receive your call.


Most of the time, the operators will dispatch the police to respond to the home if there is a complete silence on the caller’s end.




How you deal with the situation can determine your success of preventing a burglary in your home. It pays to be calm and level-headed. It is better not to fight the intruders as these people can do anything if angered.

Another way to protect your home is to buy homeowners insurance. It offers another form of protection for your home. At Sameday Insurance Services, Inc., we put our clients first by offering them policies that they can afford. Learn more about our products and services by calling our agency at (888) 750-9775. You can also request for a free quote by CLICKING HERE.

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