What to Teach Your Teen about How to Handle an Accident

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What to Teach Your Teen about How to Handle an Accident

mercury insurance | SamedayInsurance.comTeenagers often mistakenly think they’re invincible. Couple that mindset with their first few years behind the wheel, and it’s no wonder parents of teens across California can’t help but worry about their kids getting into car wrecks. However, in addition to teaching them how to be safer drivers to avoid car crashes to begin with, it’s important that you teach them what to do in the event of an accident.

Call the Insurance Company

Before your teen hits the road, buy Mercury insurance or shop around through Sameday Insurance to find the best deal on the most comprehensive coverage. One of the first things your teen should do in the event of an accident, after making sure everyone involved is okay and calling an ambulance if not, is to call her insurance company. Have her carry her insurance information with her and instruct her to follow the representative’s directions during the call.

Have Police File an Accident Report

An accident report makes the insurance process go smoother, although some drivers prefer not to file a report or go through insurance. Your insurance coverage is there for you in instances like these, so don’t let your teen be talked into not insisting on an accident report. Even if he’s at fault, the report could save him from further consequences.

Remain Calm

Car crashes make tempers flare and could turn bad situations into even worse ones. Instruct your teen to remain calm in the aftermath, even if the other drivers involved are being belligerent. If she feels unsafe, have her call the police and wait for them to arrive nearby in a public place or at the side of the road.

While you hope your child never has to deal with an accident, the fact is, she’s more likely to deal with an accident as a teen than she is as an adult. Don’t go bankrupt repairing the car. Get the best coverage at the lowest price for your California teen at Sameday Insurance.

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